The end of the year for many is a time to reflect on what was learned and the triumphs and tribulations experienced along the way. 在过去的12个月里, FJA®一直致力于保持其“照常营业”的氛围, 即使面对前所未有的变化.

你可能不知道的是, 在幕后, 今年是联邦航空局历史上的几次首次. 从增加程序提供, 推进技术, 在全球大流行期间寻找新的联系方式, we’ve continued to stay flexible and innovate new ways to conduct business as usual and support our members throughout the state during these challenging times.


尽管冠状病毒大流行的影响似乎在一夜之间改变了世界, 许多组织, 包括FJA, sprang into action to find alternative ways to continue to create value and provide 资源 and support to members. FJA做到这一点的方法之一就是利用扩展的虚拟机会. “The pandemic really opened up a whole new world of online and virtual offerings for events and programming,FJA密集语言接触教学法主任李·菲利普斯说. 自捧成功, all virtual event for our John Romano Workhorse Seminar earlier this year we’re now offering more continuing education programs with virtual options than ever before.“改变一些现有的事件, like the John Romano Workhorse Seminar and the Annual Convention to an all-virtual format or a hybrid virtual model has not only increased access for members but has also fostered opportunities to collaborate with speakers in a new way.

从cle到法律更新, 在沟通法律领域复杂多变的话题方面,FJA一直走在最前沿. One example of this was the addition of 继续教育 programming specifically tailored to the novel issues and challenges faced by trial lawyers due to impacts the pandemic has had on jury trials.

“FJA’s ‘Facing the Post-COVID Jury: What You Need to Know’ webinar offered real insights into the make-up and selection of jurors since the start of the COVID era,霍华德·科克说, 科克法律. “This 继续教育 which is available via online streaming can really help [members] navigate today’s challenges.除了扩大其在线教育节目的覆盖面, the FJA took advantage of widespread shifts to online 会议 and now provides an alternative for members to stay up to date on the latest information affecting trial lawyers — not to mention creating meaningful opportunities to connect with each other virtually.

FJA总是为成员提供了解最新消息的途径, 但随着虚拟会议和录音的增加, 现在,成员们不必因为审判中意外的一天而错过更新, 日历冲突, 或者位置接近的问题. “We felt that it was important to expand upon the ways in which we communicated with our members about not only legislative and political issues, 但也要提供资源,以帮助抗击这一大流行病带来的影响,代理会员理事John Brazzell说. “虽然博天堂ag旗舰能够亲自举办一些会员感谢招待会, 博天堂ag旗舰现在增加了虚拟会议,包括分组会议, 圆桌会议, 以及博天堂ag旗舰阿森纳的全体会员.”

Some of these highly successful offerings set to stay include the addition of regular membership town halls across the state, 联邦航空局的立法和政治更新, 和部分会议.


Suddenly switching to virtual technology is no easy feat; many would say it takes months if not years to successfully implement and execute an organization-wide upgrade.

然而, 由于前期规划, 努力工作, 和毅力, the FJA stayed ahead of the curve and made some monumental upgrades to its technology infrastructure in the past year. 一些主要的升级包括一个全新的FJA网站, 新的关联管理软件, 新的邮件营销平台, 新的手机应用程序, 会计系统升级, 和新的电话系统.

FJA技术部领导, 首席信息官杰里米·海斯, 会告诉你这不是一个简单的过程吗, 为FJA成员增加用户体验是值得的.

“While the pandemic certainly elevated the importance of having a secure system in place to ensure work continuity in the event of a natural disaster, ultimately transitioning to a remote workspace quickly was made possible in part due to our migration to the Cloud in 2019,”海斯说. “从那里, we continued to look at each aspect of our user experience to find alternatives to not only save time and money, 同时也增强了整体的安全性,增加了产品的种类, 资源, 博天堂ag旗舰提供的服务.”

一个新的网站和协会管理系统到位, the FJA is ahead of many other professional associations in providing a seamless experience for its members.

最明显的是, 博天堂ag旗舰协会高管表示, FJA将自己定位为其他协会可以效仿的榜样. 感谢对集成数据工具和包括电子邮件首选项在内的最佳实践的关注, 个性化, 以及兴趣领域, FJA将继续为会员提供正确的内容, 在合适的时候.


2021年的立法会议可能只有60天, 但争取通过优先立法的努力早在3月2日之前就开始了. 今年, FJA成员从整个博天堂ag旗舰州来到塔拉哈西参加游说团队会议, 会见议员, 就条例草案的文字及修正案提供意见, 在委员会面前作证, 并招募客户提供现实世界的例子,说明拟议立法的影响.

“看到博天堂ag旗舰的成员对正义孜孜不倦的承诺是最值得见证的事情之一,立法和政治主任杰夫·波特说. “即使是在面临困难和全球大流行等外部威胁时, 打乱了计划, 旅游物流也开始崭露头角, FJA members and citizen members made it a priority to travel to Tallahassee to advance (and defend) legislation impacting Florida’s civil justice system and access to the courts.”

很多坏帐都是博天堂ag旗舰《博天堂ag旗舰》的, 医疗损害赔偿(无力), 工伤/律师费用, 更多人被成功击败. While others relating to the Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan (NICA) and telephone solicitation (robocalls) that FJA championed, 成功通过了.

无过错车险废除的历史性通过(回归负责任道路), 五年多来,哪个项目得到了不懈的支持, 参议院和众议院都通过了,但不幸的是被州长否决了. 然而, 尽管否决, 在会议结束后的几个月里,工作通过Zoom会议继续进行, 电话会议, 更多的是为了保持2022年奥运会的势头. 以真正的联邦航空局的方式, 暂时的挫折或全球大流行病都不能阻止博天堂ag旗舰继续前进.


今年的主题是灵活性, 适应性, 以及当事情发生快速变化时的应变能力. 当机会再次出现,使事态安全恢复时, the FJA quickly switched gears to host its first Annual Convention in person since 2019 this past June at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.

“After over a year of staying at home to protect ourselves and our neighbors from the effects of COVID-19, 博天堂ag旗舰非常高兴能够再次举办博天堂ag旗舰的年会,联邦航空局执行主任保罗·杰斯说. “For our staff to put together our first in-person event after a year hiatus with virtual options in just a few short weeks is nothing short of incredible given the countless hours of coordination and logistics required to execute.”

从出席人数最多的多元化及包容酒会到活动研讨会, 会议, 和社交活动, Annual Convention exceeded expectations and provided a brief respite for members to connect with one another over this year’s theme “一起庆祝正义.”

年会并不是博天堂ag旗舰在安全的情况下挤出时间参加的唯一活动. 除了, the FJA hosted nine Membership Appreciation Receptions across the state as well as several small group events like the Women’s Caucus Pensacola boat trip, 律师助理及法律助理早餐, 和八人桌.

虽然博天堂ag旗舰本想在今年举办更多的现场活动, one thing is for certain; the energy felt from being back in person with our members was unmatched. 博天堂ag旗舰笑着,拥抱着,回顾过去一年甚至几个月里博天堂ag旗舰错过的事情.

尽管转向了虚拟, 然后面对面, 然后再回到虚拟世界, 博天堂ag旗舰已经取得了重大的成就,无论从短期还是长期来看,都将有利于联邦航空局. 最重要的是, 博天堂ag旗舰期待着未来, as well as exploring new ways to innovate and succeed at supporting our members and protecting our civil justice system.


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