欢迎访问博天堂ag旗舰司法协会®(“FJA”或“协会”)网站—您的头号在线资源! 本服务条款政策(政策)仅适用于本网站所载的信息. By accepting this Policy you expressly agree to adhere to all statements made herein.

FJA可能 make modifications to this Policy without notice. Such modifications are effective immediately upon being published on mariettadoran.com. We encourage visitors to review our policies periodically. This Policy will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.


The name Florida Justice Association (FJA) is a registered trademark. 本协议并未授予任何个人或实体对博天堂ag旗舰司法协会或myfja的名称或标识的所有权或持续权益.为任何未经FJA批准的目的或为本政策终止后的任何目的. 本政策不禁止FJA授予许可,在提供服务或产品时使用FJA的名称或标识.


FJA网站,www.mariettadoran.com, in its entirety is the property of The Florida Justice Association. FJA保留所有包含在myfja上的信息、数据库、程序和内容的所有权.org and maintains editorial control over the entire content of its’ website.

It is understood that all lists of FJA’s members, 以及所有文件, 系统, data, policies or other information contained on mariettadoran.com是私有的,并且应该是并且仍然是FJA的财产,并且只能被访问本网站的人用于本政策中规定的目的和条件. No component of this website may be replicated to reproduce another website. Member contact information may not be entered into a computer database without the prior, FJA的书面许可.

在mariettadoran.com there are 文档 for download or printing. FJA grants permission to any non‐member visitor to view and print any public document. Information or 文档 that have been designated for members, 只有使用用户名和密码登录会员服务后才授予访问权限, should be used for the express benefit of an FJA member and not shared with any non‐member.

FJA可能, 但游客可能不会, exercise the right to reproduce and license to others, 为了利润或其他目的, 任何这样的列表, 文档, 系统数据, policies or other information contained on mariettadoran.com. Violators are subject to discipline under federal copyright laws.


任何来我家的客人.org shall indemnify and hold FJA, 其董事, 军官, 代理, 员工, 子公司, successors or assigns harmless from and with respect to any loss, 损害, 责任, 索赔, 成本, 行动的原因, 判断, 支付, 费用, 包括访问者通过myfja直接或间接获得的任何信息而产生的调查费用和律师费.org.

任何myfja的赞助.org网页或诉讼服务的业务列表,或myfja上的EAGLE的业务朋友链接.Org并不意味着对赞助商或企业及其提供的产品或服务的背书. 游客mariettadoran.com同意不损害博天堂ag旗舰司法协会及其董事的利益并予以赔偿, 军官, 代理, 员工, 子公司, 子公司, successors and assigns from and against any and all loss, 损害, 责任, 索赔, 成本, 行动的原因, 判断, 支付, 费用, including 费用 for investigation and attorneys’ fees, which in any way result or arise from the actions, 与myfja上的任何企业或网站赞助商交流经验或信息.org.

网页的赞助商, 参与诉讼服务和EAGLE商业之友计划的企业同意协会的广告政策或利益服务条款和条件, which are incorporated as part of the sponsorship contract or agreement.


When you fill out an online form on mariettadoran.com, we collect and store any information you enter on our website. Examples of instances where we collect your information are, 但不限于, registration for 继续教育 seminars, 会员资格申请, 承诺形式, information request forms or online dues 支付. The information collected may include:

  • 你的名字
  • 你的博天堂ag旗舰酒吧ID号 & 日期承认
  • 出生日期
  • Your Mailing or Street Address
  • Your Phone and/or Fax Number
  • 你的电子邮件地址
  • Information Pertaining to Your Practice
  • 你的政治面貌
  • 你的性别
  • Type of Credit Card Being Used (American Express, MasterCard or VISA)
  • Name Imprinted on the Credit Card Being Used
  • 信用卡 & 验证号码
  • 信用卡 Expiration Date


Some information to be provided on mariettadoran.com may be required in order to process requests. 在适用情况下, 博天堂ag旗舰已经指出,当访问者试图提交一个不完整的表单时,弹出的消息需要哪些字段. 通过选择不使用特定的服务或功能,访问者总是可以选择不提供信息.


访问者同意FJA可以使用他们的个人信息来改进营销和促销工作, 分析网站使用情况, 改进网站内容或产品/服务,以及自定义网站的内容或布局. 利用这些信息可以帮助FJA改进网站,更好地满足用户使用网站时的需求.


Each member of The Association has their own unique website username and password. FJA strongly urges members to not disclose this information with anyone. 用户名和密码赋予会员更新个人信息的能力。, 做出承诺, pay dues or subscription balances, access members only [attorney] material and more through mariettadoran.com. To do so the member must log into Member Services with their username and password.

Members are responsible for all actions taken with their username and password. 密码只能通过提供电子邮件地址并向myfja提出请求来获得.org 首页 or Member Services Pages. 如果FJA档案中没有电子邮件地址,或者成员的电子邮件地址已经更改,但在我的FJA上没有更新.org you will not be able to obtain your username and password. Association staff will make every effort to update myfja.Org及时提供,同时确保所提供的信息是成员的有效请求.


协会[投票]成员有机会“增强”myfja上显示的基本联系信息.org(名称, 公司名称, 地址及电话, 电子邮件地址, areas of practice) by adding their website. Information obtained from any member contact record on mariettadoran.com并不意味着由博天堂ag旗舰司法协会推荐,也不意味着任何成员在任何法律程序中代表您的资格.


There are several places on mariettadoran.com where visitors might encounter links to other websites. 这些链接旨在提供一种机制,使成员或非成员能够轻松访问myfja信息范围之外的相关资源.org.

FJA will not be responsible for information contained, utilized on or privacy practices of other websites, including those reached through website sponsorships, businesses listed in Litigation Services or links to Business Friend of EAGLE on mariettadoran.com. Other sites may have their own policies regarding privacy. Visitors linking from myfja.Org到另一个网站应在披露任何个人信息之前,通过搜索和阅读目标网站上的隐私政策来保护自己. If a visitor accessed myfja.Org,通过另一个网站, the visitor should be aware that the site linked from may collect their own information; refer to the privacy policies on those sites to see how information is collected and used.



Questions pertaining to the 服务条款 Policy of myfja.有关机构可联络:

Director of Information Technology
Florida Justice Association
电话:(850)224 9403